G’day, I’m Laura

I’m an Australian Psychologist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Coach and Author. In other words, I work with mums and their anxious kids to help them break free from their anxiety. Allowing you to thrive again. 

I am a member of Australian Psychological Society and a committee member of their FNQ chapter. I’ve spent well over a decade helping thousands of women, families and children to realise their full potential. Above all, My heartful and holistic approach allow me to get to the root of the problem. Therefore, allowing me to offer you manageable ways to move past it.

About Me

I haven’t always been a Psychologist and EFT Coach. Back in my teens and early twenties, I worked as a commercial model across Australia. I performed in pageants and even won a nationwide model search. This period of my life gave me a unique insight into the modern female experience which sparked a deep love for all things woman’s health and wellness. I really struggled with self-acceptance during this time. It wasn’t until I decided to pursue a more holistic life path that I was able to find peace with who I am. Flaws and all! So, I want to help you get to this place too.

I’m lucky enough to be a third-generation health practitioner with an Anglo-Indian background. Therefore, I approach my work with a balanced, open-minded east meets west philosophy. I tie together big picture philosophies and ancient wisdom with evidence-based practical strategies you can use NOW. So you can feel more empowered and in control of your life.

I’m a Mum to two wonderful, active boys and a wife of fifteen years to my Naturopath and Nutritionist husband. 

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