Psychology Research

Read up on my psychology research into the effects of depression in older adults as well as the benefits of EFT in early childhood. Research is an important part of psychological study. I compiled my Psychological research at Bond University.

Previous Psychology Research

Thesis on “Existential Meaning and Help Seeking for Depression in Older Adults”

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Excerpt: Australia’s ageing population highlights a burgeoning need for greater evidence based approaches to cater to the mental health requirements of older adults. There is a need to make accessible early intervention programs to this demographic. This convenience sample was cross sectional and correlational in design. The study examined the influence of self reported existential meaning in attitudes towards psychological help seeking for depression.

Proposed Psychology Research

Higher Research Degree Confirmation Document on “Clinical EFT for Positive Coping in Early Childhood”

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Laura Louise Love, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond
. This confirmation document was submitted in partial fulfilment of the course
requirements for the Master of Arts (Research).

Click to watch my Research Confirmation Seminar at Bond University. The video contains a slide presentation.

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