All my programs are available as digital downloads. This allows you to complete them in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

Programs For Parents

Tapping 4 Kids Program

Teach your kids the magic of Tapping!

Tapping 4 Kids is an exclusive resource to help parents, teachers and professionals to introduce Tapping to school-age children.

Tapping is a great way to help kids to understand their emotions, giving them an easy and practical way to take care of themselves.

This complete program includes a printable PDF of the Tapping 4 Kids scripts, supporting charts, and lots of information to assist children (and parents!) to process emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety.

For the research buffs interested in adapted Clinical EFT for Young Children check out my confirmation document.

For best results use these resources in conjunction with your softcover copy of my book Huggi The Bear – Magic Spots. Buy Now!

Programs For Women (Coming Soon!)

Tapping Into Love Program

Are you so focused on career success that finding love seems impossible? Women in business are often led to believe they must choose one over the other. More so than men.

Tapping into Love is a video-based seminar targeted specifically at career-oriented women wanting to find love. It includes tapping demonstrations that are practical and easy to implement into your life when you need them, even once you’ve finished the program.

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