Be Present This Christmas: How family traditions make children happy, healthy and well.

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”. – Dr. Seuss.

It’s easy to get caught up in gift giving at this time of year! But when we focus on ‘stuff’ to make ourselves feel good, we can miss out on the things in life that really matter. Having the family around is such a great gift that we can sometimes take for granted. It is important to be present and cherish these moments.

Put other things aside this Christmas and create some life long memories for your kids. Children really love it when parents play with them, to them this is the most valuable and priceless gift ever! Fun family traditions really bring a sense of meaning to this time of year. Studies show that creating your own special traditions (like decorating the tree, creating a fun event or playing a special game) and doing something everyone in your family enjoys, actually improves the long term emotional wellbeing of your kids. These kinds of activities strengthen relationships and values, which can be particularly helpful when your kids face peer pressure when they enter the teenage years.

Some great tips for a fun and meaningful break;

  • Let the kids help – It doesn’t really matter if the cake or dinner isn’t perfect, what matters is them feeling capable and part of a team.
  • Give technology a rest – Have times free of computers games, iPhone’s and iPad’s.
  • Appreciate what you have – Get everyone to share 3 things or more they are grateful for this year (you may be surprised at the answers!).
  • Know when to put the camera away! – Sometimes the happiest, silliest memories happen when the camera isn’t around.

Have a Restful Holiday and Wonderful New Year 🙂

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