Happy, Healthy and Well! Practical ways to improve your wellbeing today.

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself”. – Steve Maraboli.

Wellbeing is a person’s state of happiness and health over the long term. It’s all about feeling good as well as living to our optimal levels of vitality and wellness. The link between mental and physical health in the literature is strong, so the impact of being in a ‘stressed out’ mode long term can be particularly damaging to our health! When we are constantly worrying and churning about things in our lives, harsh chemicals can overload our systems. Studies show that you’re more likely to get colds, high blood pressure and may even experience gastro intestinal issues when suffering from prolonged stress.

Stress in moderation however, can serve us well. This is known as eustress, the kind of stress which gives pumps us up to focus and perform better at important event (i.e. exams). Although, in our fast paced modern world many of us trigger a stress response daily! Stress often occurs because our threshold for coping has been exceeded. We really need to invest in wellness to reduce our risk of developing secondary mental and physical health concerns but its more than just a state of mind, we need to take guided action.

Here are some ways to increase your stress threshold and model Wellbeing for your kids;

  • Know when to say no – You can’t help everyone 100% of the time – it’s an important life enhancing skill to set boundaries and know when to help yourself.
  • Think and grow well – Be mindful of your thoughts when you are by yourself. The thoughts we think really have an impact on how we feel. Focus on gratitude and appreciation, in place of anger and frustration.
  • Watch comedies as a family ‐ Laughter increases secretion of endorphins, oxygenates the blood as well as improving the immune system response. Laughter really is the best Medicine!

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