Spring has Sprung! Bounce your way into the season that blooms.

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds – the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” – William Wordsworth.

Here in Launceston our year is full of natural variety as we have 4 very distinct seasons to enjoy! After the long winter, however we may have become more sedentary, familiar with comfort foods and rugged up inside. This time of year we can be uplifted by the flowers exploding with colour, the chirping birds and all of the beautiful fragrances in the air that delight our senses if we get out amongst it.

Did you know Tasmanians have amongst Australia’s highest incidence of vitamin D deficiency over winter? 43% of us are deficient during this time, compared to only 14% in summer. It’s no wonder Tasmanian’s are Australia’s biggest consumers of vitamin D supplements over this time. Vitamin D enhances the immune system and is especially important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth in children. Severe deficiency may result in rickets for children and osteomalacia in adults which is a similar condition. Vitamin D3 is essential for normal thyroid function and may help to prevent breast and colon cancer. The most active form of Vitamin D3 can be adequately supplied by exposing the face and arms to the sun for 15 minutes only 3 times a week.

Recent studies have suggested that low vitamin D levels in the body is associated with depression, giving more reasons to engage in outdoor activities. Even gazing at nature scenes has been shown to improve focus and attention, so it really does enable us to re-energise and ‘clear our heads’. Even looking at the horizon induces a calming response and assists us to wind down.

Tips to soak up the Sun this Spring:

  • Family Exercise – This has a positive impact on kids, as better aerobic fitness is linked with higher overall academic achievement.
  • Play Frisbee, or if its windy fly a kite!
  • Go for a long walk in a park, around your neighbourhood or my favourite, on the beach. 🙂

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