Tap your way to Emotional Freedom! My go to strategy for stress relief and balance.

“Our bodies are healing machines.” – Prof Dr Peta Stapleton

While many of you have likely heard about Acupuncture, the origins of which come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you may not be as familiar with a technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Sometimes EFT is referred to as tapping or Psychological Acupuncture, but don’t worry there are no needles involved! EFT is a quick, fast acting, self-administered tool which trains your brain to be calmer and helps you feel better. In a sense, it helps you turn off particularly distressing emotions on purpose, and at times relief from distress is certainly something we all want. 

EFT includes many of the elements of modern psychological therapy (such as exposure and cognitive therapy) with the addition of a body based, somatic component – tapping with 2 fingers on Acupressure points. These points are on the hand, face and upper body (9 points for adults and 4 for young children). This finger tapping makes it the fourth wave of treatment in the therapy space. You can tap approximately 5 times on each point but anywhere between 3 and 7 taps on each point is adequate. During this time you talk through body sensations attached to feelings, memories and a wide range of emotions, while also building in a cognitive acceptance statement.

While I fully appreciate EFT seems a bit odd at first, the growing body of scientific research on the benefits are hard to ignore. EFT assists a whole host of issues facing modern women and children alike, from anxiety, stress, post trauma, body image, emotional eating, depression, and much more. The outcomes of EFT interventions are more fast acting than traditional therapies and the impact of this intervention lasts overtime, as per longitudinal studies. The bulk of scientific research on this technique in Australia comes from Bond University on the Gold Coast, recently declared Australia’s most innovative University and it’s from where I graduated. Results from scientific studies on EFT have also been published in over 20 different peer-reviewed journals.

But how does EFT work? EFT has a positive affect on the stress and memory centres in the brain, as well as reducing cortisol, improving our energy and outlook, which is why we feel better after several rounds of tapping. While EFT is a self-administered tool, it’s always best to work with a qualified professional at first, to learn the basics and maximise the therapeutic benefits of EFT.

If you’re a modern woman wanting to dive deep into this technique, contact Laura for some personal online coaching or pre-register your interest in our EFT Professional Series (Tapping Into Love) online program at www.lauralouiselove.com by indicating this on our contact form.

Want to introduce Tapping to young children? Purchasing Laura’s world first resource (Huggi The Bear – Magic Spots) is a great book to get you started. 

  • COVID tip – Be Covid smart, wash hands before and after tapping or use a disposable glove and tap away!

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